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The first sighting of the Otter Tarn robots always delights. They are charged with maintaining all the lawns achieving a constant fresh mown look.

The five mowers are named after the eldest Grandchildren. They don’t answer back as much as their namesakes and carry out their chores for longer without protest.

You will likely see them operating in the dark with their little headlights revealing their presence. Don’t be concerned they need little sleep and head back to their docking station every few hours for short nap and recharge.

They form part of our Higher Level Environmental Scheme that the farm operates under. They move without direct emissions and consume extremely low amounts of energy compared to conventional mowers.

They positively reduce our carbon footprint. They are made from high tech recyclable components helping us achieve a more sustainable business for the future.

The units move almost silently whilst in operation reducing noise pollution for our guests. Going forward we intend to use the same battery technology for chainsawing, strimming and leaf blowing.

The mowers are weather proof and happy to run in the sunshine and even when we get the odd Lake District shower ;)

The fine clippings lead to healthier lawns and lower fertilizer demands.

We control them from our phones through apps that even allows voice control. This allows us to remotely alter many setting including height of cut, hours in work and position monitoring.

Each mower is programmed to its sector. It’s random cutting style surprisingly ensures everywhere is covered using a combination of boundary guide wires and GPS. They effectively learn their areas and will even cut fast growing areas more frequently.

The larger machine working for Horse Spout and Toad Mire is the very latest all wheel drive unit capable of operating on steep slopes.

The robots are perfectly safe so do not be fearful. However can we please ask you caution children against lifting them as the GPS is triggered into anti theft mode and the units send an alarm signal to our phones and will require a manual restart.

If you would sooner the mowers didn’t run at a certain time we can alter the cutting hours. If you wish us to temporarily park them we can also do that

Please avoid driving vehicles on the lawn edges as the guide wires are just below the surface.

You cannot help look on with bewilderment and wonder if they have indeed a mind of their own. They are the lucky charms of Otter Tarn. Give them a wave each day for luck. If you’ve time post your good wishes to them on Instagram.

Otter Tarn estate robot mowers
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